Kauma Kita, born in 2017 in the Basque Country but with British roots, is a positive creature who enjoys nothing more than spreading good vibes to everyone around.


Positivity is her heart and soul, along with the determination to do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals. 


Our magical character wanted to be different. She dreamed of being a unicorn but didn’t know how. Then oneday she realised it was easy. She put an in ice cream cone upside-down on her head and turned herself into a unicorn.


Kauma Kita’s message is that dreams come true if you work hard for what you want and you aren’t afraid of failure.

We wanted everyone to meet our friendly unicorn so we designed activity books, notebooks, mugs, T-shirts and other products with her image. Over time the range of goods will grow and we’ll introduce you to Kauma Kita’s favourite things, her hobbies and her friends.


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